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On Hashtag Advocacy and Why I’m a Fan, or #DearJohn

A lot of attention is being paid to this past week’s news that the House GOP is pushing a bill that would only allow Medicaid/Medicare coverage for abortion in the case of forcible rape. This may mean no coverage for women who were drugged, statutorily raped, or simply didn’t fight back hard enough.

Steph Sterling from the National Women’s Law Center said it best, "This bill takes us backwards to a time when just saying no wasn’t enough to qualify as rape."

In response, some of the Twitter community is utilizing the #DearJohn hashtag to make people aware of what’s going on, and get out as much information about this as possible.

Want to do something about this, right now? Go spread the word on Twitter, via the #DearJohn hashtag. Making people aware of something is the first step towards fighting it.

And more on Twitter advocacy in another post.

Updated: Sorry to not have mentioned this earlier, but the #DearJohn hashtag (similar to the #MooreandMe tag), is the fabulous work of the fabulous Sady Doyle over at Tiger Beatdown.

(Source: Mother Jones)

Posted on January 31st, 2011
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